Sunday, August 05, 2007


According to RunawayAfrica the founders of Bezemymalian are "...Both 24 years old, Bezem and Mai Lan are fashion designers. One is Franco-Vietnamese; the other is of Russian and Togolese origin. They have directed their talents in creating costumes with a strong ethnic influence. Inspired by their multicultural descents and their frequent trips to their homeland, they have mastered traditional crafts and techniques of Asia and Africa (embroidery, weaving, dyeing, painting)

Self-taught, they started creating their own pieces, while majoring respectively in the History of art and in Vietnamese. They decided to take a course in the making of historical costumes.

While attending university, they stepped foot in the entertainment world, contributing to different projects as costume designers for feature films, plays, musicals, carnivals… They had the opportunity to expose their work at several competitions for young designers, including "Le Troph├łe de la mode". The prestigious jury composed by representatives of l'Oreal, Hermes, XulyBet, and Galeries Lafayettes awarded them first prize. They also obtained a grant from La Maison Hermes.

Encouraged by this success, Mai Lan and Bezem conceived a unique and colorful world presented in a series of festive events. At their shows, dance and music performers, sharing similar influences, sport their pieces on stage.

Their goal is to associate this ancestral craft with modernity

In our cosmopolitan society, Mai Lan and Bezem stimulate, on European youth, a new interest in their roots..."

Photos courtesy of Bezemymalian

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