Friday, August 31, 2007

aRUDE Magazine

aRUDE is a New York fashion-Art-Photography magazine founded by Ike' Ude'. His Androgenous/erotic style of art is very impressive and has brought him recognition in the international world Fashion-Art-Photography.

The website Indepth art News says"...From his provocative Cover Girl series featuring photographic portraits of himself on the cover of popular magazines to his writing on sexuality and identity, the work of Nigerian-born Ike Ude explores a world of duality: African/postnationalist, photography/performance artist, artist/spectator, male/female, mainstream/marginal, seduction/narcissism, and fashion/art..."

MC Magma also says "...Ike' Ude' Was born in Lagos, Nigeria. He is an artist, aesthete, writer, and publisher of New York based aRude magazine.
After studing in Nigeria and United States, Ude' started his artistic career, first as a painter, in the late 1980s. In the early 1990s, he began using photography to explore and deconstruct issues of representation and identity. His ongoing research has broadened the scope of his inquiry beyond the conventional parameters of photography to engage forms of mass comunication, including magazines, video, film, and television..."

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Chi-Chi said...

I'll definitely look out for this magazine when I visit my local newsstand.