Sunday, October 30, 2016

Danfo Yellow Collection

The Danfo Collection is new Fashion line from an up and coming designer Deborah Jesunami. This multi-talented designer who is the Creative Director at Illustrative Fashion Studio is also a Fashion Illustrator and Designer.

Her new collection inspired by bright yellow color of Lagos Danfo buses
is dominant in this particular line.

According to her"...There are things that makes Lagos a bright and unique city and one of them is the yellow buses popularly called Paragon or Danfo,These buses characters says a lot about what Lagos holds dear like her drive, tenacity, Panache, Excellence, Class, and if I may add her
resilience,These on-the-go qualities of the Danfo inspires/birth this urban African collection. The Danfo Yellow collection is definitely a street style for every woman..."

This time around I decided to design a collection from illustration portfolio titled

Photo Credit

Design Label & Designer : @illustrativefashion / @deborah_jesunami
Photography : @dmobphotography
Makeup & Hair : @adornbyayaoba
Models : @imforevertobi & @kingijeeonuma
Studio : @ahamibeleme