Thursday, June 22, 2006

Margareth Lahoussaye-Duvigny

Margareth Lahoussaye-Duvigny website says "...Whatever it is, Margareth does it 100 percent. She can adapt to any surrounding: the ice of the Andros Trophy, the desert of the Rallye Aicha des Gazelles, or the fashion world. She is a hard worker with a big heart, going at full speed, and nothing is going to stop her.

There are models who pride themselves on collecting conquests of the male kind, and there are others who seek personal achievements. In your opinion, to which category does Margareth Lahoussaye-Duvigny belong?

When the magazine Gala decided to dedicate these pages to her, it was first and foremost to tell the story of her adventure in the Moroccan desert, a place she fell in love with and where she participated in the Rallye Aicha des Gazelles seven times. "Having had to represent stereotypical, silent women, I really needed a change. What I like about this competition is that I find myself in he desert, alone and challenged to push my limits...."
Margareth is very passionate: she does everything with conviction. When she is not behind the wheel of her racing car, she lends her support to environmental campaigns and works with the best photographers.

Do you remember that beautiful Creole woman on the NEGRITA rum advertisement? or that sculpted H&M bikini-clad beauty plastered on the walls around the entire world in 2001?or the Lavazza campaign by David Lachapelle in chich she appeared dressed in labels?

It's true: this sculpted beauty from Martinique can wear anything she likes. However, she came to the big city to study psychology and become a social worker, a choice far from being a mere show, rotted in a painful childhood. " it was my turn to help children," she says modestly..."

Margareth owes her world fame to the incredibly funky George Michael who chose her to play a part in his video "Fast Love" and of course, to some of the best photographers in the business: Peter Lindbergh for Vogue Italy, Dominique Issermann for Stern and Bruno Bisang. They were the first ones to push her career. They believed in her and made her an icon in the fashion world.

There is also a woman who played a very important role in Margareth's career: Fabienne Martin, former director for the FAM agency. " She asked me to strut my stuff. For black girls, this was a hard business to break into, especially without proper backing. An agency should not only find us work, but also protect us from the pitfalls of the business. I was lucky to find a team that was dedicated to doing just that..."

Photos and excerpts courtesy of Margareth Lahoussaye-Duvigny website.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Clam Films

Clam films wesbite says that " ....Andy Amadi Okoroafor of was born in Bauchi, Northern Nigeria on February 8th 1966. He pursued his education and a successful creative career in Paris. He is returning to Nigeria to fulfill his lifelong ambition of making films about contemporary Africa for a world audience. He is an acclaimed Art Director in advertising, fashion and music videos based in Paris. His clients have included Xuly-Bët, Jean Paul Gaultier, Kookaï, Virgin, Galeries La Fayette, to name a few.

"....Clam Films is a creative film entity that is rooted in Africa and committed to promoting African creativity and including Africa into mainstream world creativity. Clam is located in Paris, New York, Lagos. We coloborate with people from johanessburg to jamaica. Clam represents the creative work of Andy Amadi Okoroafor and Andrew Dosunmu.Giulia Grassilli is the production consultant for clam films on Relentless...."

Photo courtesy ofClam films

Monday, June 12, 2006

Eva Sagna

Jurgita Fashion Magazine" says....Originally from Senegal ,Eva was born 24 years ago in Paris .She first started her artistic carreer as a dancer with the troup BALAI NIABA directed by her aunt Adele Badgi with who she represented herself in small theaters such as the DIVAN DU MONDE in Paris .

In 1995 she met Almen Gibirila and began her first catwalks shows.Then she 'll work for famous designers in Haute Couture such as Thierry Mugler,Jean Louis Scherrer,Jean Doucet ...Her talent brought her to London and New York where she worked for top photographers such as Ernest Collins,John Lewis or Alain Snaoui .

Eva is passionate by fashion but also by cinema .In 1999 she started a new carreer of actress thanks to the producer Pascal Lombardo who offered her the first role in a short film :Josphine

She also writes fo the luxury magazine CULT OF CHIC and MOVE ON magazine..."

Photos by Ernest Collins courtesy of Jurgita Fashion Magazine"

Friday, June 09, 2006

Bai Ling

Wendy Ide of The Times Newspaper writes that "...At 13 the actress Bai Ling joined the Chinese People's Liberation Army and spent three years entertaining the troops in Tibet. She was a star in her native China by the end of her teens.She claims that an involvement in the pro-democracy protests in Tiananmen Square in 1989 hastened her move to America by the age of 20..."

"..At 36 she's as well known for trashy celeb-reality shows and gynaecologically short skirts as for her roles in acclaimed art-house pictures..."

Some people think she is as mad as a "Bag of snakes" because of the way she dresses, but even at that she has already appeared in movies like "The Crow","Anna and the King", "Red Corner" and "Star Wars:Episode III. She will soon start the shooting of her current movie "Shanghai baby".

Photo courtesy of Bai Ling fan site

Friday, June 02, 2006

Indira Varma

The LES Magazine says"...Indira has spent the last decade working with directors such as Sam Mendes and Harold Pinter, starring in the BBC/HBO epic "Rome", and appearing in films from her first, erotic outing in "Kama Sutra" to, most recently, playing David Morrissey's wife in Michael Caton-Jones's B12..."

Indira is 32, herself marvellous looking, clearly talented, fresh from pounding the pavements in Los Angeles, and one of a generation of British actresses who are winning important screen work by virture of training, experience and charisma rather than a cunning stylist and ruthless red-carpet commitment.

Born in Bath to a Swiss mother and Indian father - both artists who met while studying at Central Saint Martins - Indira is an only child who 'was bad at maths and put on plays by creating a theatre inside my bunk bed'. When she made a decision to abandon her university plans and apply for RADA, she was greeted by nothing but encouragement from her parents, 'being artistic types themselves'. Her mother, however,was concerned enough about her only child's move to London to organise Indira's lodging at the Quaker International Centre just off Gower Street.' I wasn't paying full price for my lodging so I had to clean the brass, polish the piano and help with the washing up..."