Friday, December 30, 2005

Haimanot Deboch

Haimi Design's website says "...Coming from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Haimanot took junior design and knitting classes as a subject in her elementary and high schools. Inspired by the artistic design part of the subject, she would apply her skills by creating banners and maps for her teachers at school and creating decorations at home. Her parents have been a source of motivation in her career as a creative designer from the start.

After a being told her dress, for a friend's wedding, was "ruined" in her later years, Haimanot decides to take matters into her own hands. She will go on to take design classes by Italian instructors in Addis Ababa at the Mo Mco Design School (1995-1996), and go on to work as a professional. After moving to the Washington D.C. in August 2001, Haimanot has been working on developing her over 8 years experience of creating and designing cultural clothes. She continues to create designs and patterns with a theme of Ethiopian culture. Her collections have been featured at the 2003 and 2004 Ethiopian Bridal Expos..."

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Doyin Haastrup

Rage says"...At 1.84m tall, Doyin Haastrup is the tallest semi-finalist for the Nokia Face of Africa 205. Born in Lagos, the 20-year-old keeps in shape with regular gym classes and by eating healthy.

A fan of the designers Modela and Mon-Ami, Doyin’s fashion accessories include perfumers, shoes and earrings. She would love to model in Paris and in New York City and would like to visit Zambia, Ghana, Liberia and South Africa. She lists Lagos and Abuja as the places she enjoys the most in Nigeria and says she loves the warm West Africa climate of her home..."

Photo Courtesy of Rage

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Wubet Handbags

The Wubet website says "...Wubet is an exceptional unique accessories line for handbags utilizing Ethiopian hand woven textiles and leather worked into modern design. It consists of a wide range of different shapes, from small carry bags with antique aluminum bead handles to clutches with rubber band...totes with resin closures in accent-colored textiles, and the new I-Pod-bag in Ethiopian cotton, combined with beads and wearable as hipster bag as well.

Ethiopian design may never have been as timely. In an era of increasing globalization in business, communications, marketing and public policy, as we become one world, it is important to understand and preserve what is unique to our various cultures. The beautiful textiles of Ethiopia are unique, I would like to see them cherished and also shared with the world. Design enhances the quality of life. On every level it should celebrate, honor, venerate, praise, cherish and treasure all that we are. The goal is to celebrate the unique genius of every individual, and use it in order to inspire everyone. I want the world to see that every invention, every creation of which humankind is capable carries with it the capacity to enhance us individually and improve us collectively.

Weaving in Ethiopia is an art, which was practiced since ancient times and perfected as far back as the Middle Ages. It has changed very little since then, and is highly skilled, compared to all other crafts in the country. Today the lovely hand woven cloth is no longer confined to clothing, but is used for furniture covering, curtains, tablecloths and napkins, and bed covers, among so many other uses.

The designs of the Tibeb seem infinite in number with colourful geometrical designs. The Wubet collection originated in collaboration with Sara Abera from Sara Garment Designers & Manufacturers..."

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Gerren Taylor

This 14-year-old modeling prodigy Gerren Taylor that started modeling at he age of 12 is now been refered to in some circles already as the "New Naomi". says "...Teased for years about her height by the kids in her elementary school in Moreno Valley and elsewhere, the very young lady they called giraffe is now fulfilling a life long dream by becoming a super model.

However, there wasn't a page on her dream sheet that foretold making international headlines, setting records, interviewing on news channels, appearing on e-entertainment and stirring ..."

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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Manale's website says"...Her unusual name can be translated as 'the one and only' from Amharic, the official language spoken in her native Ethiopia, and its meaning may have unwittingly been a sign of things to come.

Born into a prominent family whose lineage can be traced back 25 generations, she earned a Bachelor of Arts Degre in costume design at the State University of New York and an Associate Degree at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.

She lived in Rome, Italy, for a time and it is here, inspired by the thriving fashion scene, the culture and the arts, that she developed a passion for all aspects of haute couture and design.

Upon her return to the U.S. she initially designed for a number of international fashion companies before devoting herself to bridal fashion, a field where she saw an opportunity for her talent and vision to make a difference.

Her passion and sense of beauty are evident just by looking at her gowns, down to the last detail.

But what comes through even more strongly is a philosophy that bears her signature touch on every single gown making the bride who wears one feel like she is 'the one and only.'

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Ase Hui Min Wang

This Chinese/Swedish Model has featured in neumerous MTV, TV and magazine adverts for top brands in South East Asia.

Ase Wangs's website says"...Self-decleared "ex-hippie chick" Ase Wang has got it all-looks, body and a soaring career. All that's missing is a man who is able to create a storm in the kitchen.

The archetypal Pan-Asian stunner, with genes inherited from a Chinese father and a Swedish mother, is also noted for her equally exotic name, courtesy of her mum. Who hails from the land of Volvo and Abba."It is pronounced "oww-sah", with the two dots above the 'A', that's how to pronounce it in Swedish." she purrs, acknowledging that it's moniker that is baffling to most people here. In 2002, she ventured out on a limb into the Hong Kong scene to take stab at stardom and has since landed spots in several television commercials and print ads. The sacrifices that she made have paid off for this model-actress as shehas been kept busy with a number of projects that include the movie and getting the chance to be part of a Canto pop icon Sam Hui's dance team.

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Maggie Cheung Man-yuk

This incredibility attractive lady that started as a Model, ended up being one of asia's top actresses. Wikipedia says "...Cheung spent part of her childhood and adolescence in the United Kingdom. Upon her return to Hong Kong, Cheung ran and won second place in the Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant contest in 1983 at the age of 19, and was a semi-finalist in the Miss World pageant the same year.

Cheung married French film maker Olivier Assayas in 1998. The marriage ended with a divorce in 2001. The two have collaborated on films such as Irma Vep and Clean..."

Photo Courtesy of Xinhuanet