Saturday, March 31, 2007

Bineta Salsao

Bineta Salsao is one of the top Senegalese fashion designers that has influenced the style of traditional Senegalese 'Bubu' fashion.By incorporating customised fabrics, designs and intricate embroidery she has succeed in creating a fabulous collection. The foundationolive website says"...A Graduate of the Institute of Cut, seams and of Mode (I.C.C.M.) in 1974, Bineta Salsao did not engage in unknown ground while launching out in the fashion industry. Mother of a dressmaker, Bineta started designing as at the age of thirteen..."

Photos courtesy of foundationolive

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Amias Project

The Amias Project website says "...In the ancient African language of the nomadic Barabaig tribe, Amias means beautiful. The Amias Project specializes in hand-made, fair-trade accessories inspired by traditional Barabaig fashions. Whether you buy for yourself or a gift for others, you are spreading the story of Africa, hope and something beautiful..."

Founded by Nichole Smaglick, Amias is a project that"...has mobilized over 200 Barabaig men and women in central Tanzania to design and craft jewelry and handbags inspired by traditional fashions. The project aims to uplift and empower traditional culture. It also helps generate significant income and educational opportunities for disadvantaged communities..."

"...Amias and its fair trade mission have allowed families to find stability in a region wracked by hardship and frequent drought. More parents now send their children to school, and they have enough food in times of need. They are increasing their livestock and making plans for the future.

Amias, in the ancient language of the Barabaig, means "beautiful." So when wearing Amias jewelry or handbags, always remember that you are wearing hope, the story of the Barabaig, and something beautiful..."

Photos courtesy of Amias Project.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Kamla Millwood

Her official website describes her as a "...6 foot tall high fashion model... born in beautiful St. Vincent and the Grenadines -a tropical island nation in the Caribbean, north of Trinidad and Tobago.

She has set the fashion industry ablaze, modeling with a confident and sophisticated style that has made her a media star and international celebrity. Her tall and toned frame, angular beauty, electrifying smile and intimidating presence, propelled her out of the Caribbean and into New York at breakneck speed..."

Photo Courtesy of Kamla Millwood's website.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Annansi Chronicles

Annansi Chronicles is a blog that focuses on the trend of African Style in the International scene.

Highlighting trends from African designed and manufactured trendy footwear to numerous other fashion accessories.