Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bridget Awosika

According to Bukky's website "...Bridget/Bukky Awosika was born in Washington DC. At the age of ten, it became apparent that she would purse a career in Fashion design as she displayed more appreciation towards sketching, collecting fabrics, art and hand sewing than anything else.
Realizing that she would want to design womenswear/menswear professionally and ultimately run it as a successful business, Bridget attended Howard University in DC and graduated with a bachelor's degree in Business Management.She later proceeded on into New York City, where she attended the prestigious Parsons School of Design to work on her following degree in Fashion Design..."

Excerpts and photos are from Bridget Awosika's website.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Aschobi Designs

According to her Facebook page "...Aschobi Designs is a dualistic fashion company in post independence Africa catering to the fashion identity of the global man and woman living in Freetown or Paris a l’ancienne colonie au metropole..."

"...Started by Adama Kargbo who is a 24yr old Sierra Leonean-American recent graduate of Parsons School of Design (Paris, France). She has recently returned to Sierra Leone from New York City to launch her first collection;

"...Her collection gives a modern twist to vintage 1960s African couture. Although she could have launched her collection anywhere, Adama chose her ancestral home as the birth place of ASCHOBI because of her unshakeable conviction in the rebirth and redevelopment of this country. This initial collection is a celebration of the career minded African woman who balances family, community, and work obligations with grace, elegance, and beauty. In short, the ASCHOBI woman is Maya Angelou's phenomenal woman..."

"...Aschobi Designs is a dualistic fashion company in post independence Africa catering to the fashion identity of the global man and woman living in Freetown or Paris a l’ancienne colonie au metropole..."

Photos courtesy of Aschobi Designs

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Ladybrille writes about Nyakio Kamoche. "...The first generation American with Kenyan heritage who launched NYAKIO, a successful skin care line based on family recipes and ingredients from Kenya. Nyakio's skin care line is sold online and in over a hundred and eighty nine boutiques around the country. Just recently, the fierce entrepreneur diversified her portfolio to launch a fragrance line, Safi Fragrance. Of course Ladybrille had to catch up with the very Ladybrille woman to see how she does it..."

Photos courtesy of Ladybrille and NYAKIO

Sunday, May 18, 2008

African Design Hub

The Design Africa website has continued to evolve into a very interesting hub for design trends in Furniture, Fashion and Fabrics in Africa. Their website says that"...Design Africa is a portal, your portal, to designers with uncommon vision, to potential partners, to beautiful products and striking design statements, and to statements of another kind: Stories of the designers, artisans and communities involved in the creation process, stories of the materials used and the meaning behind the items produced, and of course, stories of dreams turning into business plans and reaching around the world from the original design source, Africa. Design Africa’s mission is twofold: to help today’s distinctive African design emerge, and to accelerate the economic development of the communities and countries involved through the positive impact of exports. That started with our presence at SIDIM 2006. Building on its success, we are pleased to present 19 companies from five countries that span the continent..." Enjoy!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Barcelagos Clothing Co.

Barcelagos Clothing Co. is a Nigerian t-shirt company also featured in Timbuktuchronicles whose goal is to target the huge potential market of Nigerian and African kids living in diaspora.

Their t-shirt collection are in some cases designed around the iconic images of interesting Nigerian, African and Asian personalities. writes aboutBarcelagos Clothing Co. .

Barcelagos clothing line also includes hoodies and jackets whose designs are themed with Nigerian colloquial expressions.

Photos are courtesy of Barcelagos Clothing Co.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

CosWeAfricanWomenAreDoin&DoinItWell Blog

CosWeAfricanWomenAreDoin&DoinItWell is a blog that writes about Fashion,music,movies and the arts from the African Francophone perspective.It also has very cool link to African Pop,Folk,Etc music via

Sunday, February 24, 2008

African Delectable Headress'es

With amazing photos courtesy of the Mursi, Surma people of Sudan/Ethiopia, Hans Silvester(photographer)and published by Daily Mail it does show that amazing fashion style can come from anywhere.

Like many other African tribes in Sub-Saharan Africa the use of the natural flora and fauna, natural dyes from plants and rocks as well as bird feathers has ben used to beautify themselves in the most creative way.