Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Uzuri Magazine

Uzuri Magazine according to their website "...is a premier high quality quarterly African inspired, high fashion, international magazine determined in becoming the leading beauty, fashion and entertainment publication in the emerging African global market..."

"...Our goal is to support and promote African inspired fashion designers and artists by raising their profile, acknowledging their contributions and helping them achieve rank on the mainstream global ‘fashion-stage’. is justly dedicated in increasing awareness of the culture, beauty and fashions inspired by Africa. It celebrates the emerging trends of fashion from mainland Africa and the Caribbean to the runways of Paris, Nairobi, Tokyo, London and New York – to name a few..."

Uzuri was founded in 2005 and it is very interesting to see the emergence of a lot of glossy print media publications that cover the areas of African fashion, style, and entertainment.

Photo courtesy of Uzuri Magazine

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Fiona E Hines said...

I though the love of African fashion was dead until I stumbled across UZURI and I am amazed!

I was browsing though the fashion bomb site on facebook and saw an advertisement for a position in assisting with the UZURI magazine based in the US. As this is my cousin name also, I though “hummm…okay let me look into this one ……”

I typed U.Z.U.R.I ……… into my Google browser, and came across a world full of fantastic prints, designs in the most vibrant colours. I had no idea this existed and in so much depth! Being both of African (Nigerian) and Caribbean (Jamaica) parentage, the love for colour has always been apparent, by nature yet subdued by environment living in a grey London climate.

The only season in which colour is injected into the atmosphere, by human participation is during the summer weeks, yes weeks! (For those who live in London they will truly understand this statement.)

As for African fashion in London, it is around but very much underground, you have the local known designers who work and mix various prints and fabrics with sharp shapes and intricate details but still hidden behind the scene.

The world vision of UZURI has inspired and enticed me to be bold vibrant and colourful no matter the weather!