Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Ping Mag of Japan writes about Nigerian fashion designer Gozi Ochongor who graduated as software engineer only to become a successful fashion designer.. I think her fashion rocks and its very trendy.

Ping Mag writes "...I sold at Portobello Market and Spitalfields Market in London for quite some time. People thought my stuff was really cheap and bought it like crazy! So every day, I went up a little higher with the price and they were still buying (laughs). People came up to me and wanted to borrow my clothes for shootings all the time and although I went through this unorthodox way, I slowly gained some confidence..."

Her Bio on the HBS Africa Conference website says "...Gozi Ochongor is the Creative Director of her eponymous fashion label, Gozi. Gozi graduated from Imperial College London in 1998, where she studied Software Engineering. Finally able to pursue her passion, she enrolled at Central School of Fashion, where she studied Ladieswear Fashion Design. A year later, she established her label at the Portobello Market and soon acquired a solid client base. After graduation, Gozi established her company Gozi Ltd in July 2003.

Gozi draws influences from a myriad of sources: from science, art and dance, to a love for travelling and learning about new cultures. She has visited over 15 countries worldwide and incorporates her souvenirs in her collections. Thus interwoven into each garment is the fusion of the contemporary art and culture of the West with the color and sensuality of Africa and the spirit of Asia.

Gozi currently serves on the board of the Fashion Business Club in London that provides a forum which fashion entrepreneurs engage with, inspire and support one another..."

Movie and photos of Gozi's Collection courtesy of Ping Mag

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