Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Ethnicinfluence writes about Sika which was named as one of the top five London labels in 2006 according to Draper's Women wear.

"..."Sika", the word for money in Ghana's Twi language, was the obvious choice when it came to a name for the label - it was initially Phyllis mother's nickname since she was the first in the family to arrive in the U.K..."

"... Sika is also easy to pronounce, sticks in the mind and is a little bit quirky. and of course, as the designer says, " the clothes are priceless!" The cowrie shell, a form of currency for centuries in West Africa, is a main feature of the Skia Logo..."

Zeba Mgazine.... also has has an an article Introducing SIKA as one of London's hottest new fashion designers.

Designer Phyllis Taylor is behind the contemporary women's clothing label SIKA. SIKA's current collection is called "Goldcoast" and consists of baby doll dresses, tops, wrap dresses, cropped trousers and capes in unique and quirky prints.

In February, SIKA was named one of the top five London labels to look out for in 2006 by Draper's Women's Wear.

Photo courtesy of Ethnicinfluence

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