Sunday, November 04, 2007


Uru, according to her website is "...short of Uruaku. In her native West African language, Igbo, her name means "essence of wealth".When describing her creative process, Uru talks of melodies or words simply coming to her. Sometimes in song, cometimes in poetry, in no particular order and no particular hour..."

Africanloft also says "...Uru is a musician who has garnered critical acclaim from an international audience for daring to be different. She has been praised by Bill Board magazine as having “the talent to become a chanteuse of FORMIDABLE fame”. Uru’sstory is one of individualism and determination. A woman who has a strong sense of what she wants to represent and a woman with strong ideals.

She had the option to be signed to a major record label in the United States, rather she chose to go with an independent label that will provide her the freedom to sing and perform the kind of music she wants. Beyond all this, Uru uses her Political Science degree to advocate on different issues plaguing the African continent. I got a chance to speak to this “chanteuse” who mixes Rock music, Hip Hop, Opera and African music into a melodious blend that invites you to her world.

Photo and excerpts in this article are courtesy of AfricanLoft and Tantrumrecords


Anonymous said...
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chetablog said...

Nice blog u have but come on now nobody refuses a major deal to stay with an independent label especially one that noone knows. Good luck to her though