Sunday, November 04, 2007


SoundCity is an online Nigerian Music site that promotes the young talent in the fast growing Nigerian music and entertainment industry.

Soundcity writes about Nnenna that features in Mode 9's smash hit "Cry", "....Ever since Nnenna lent her soul stirring vocals to the hook of Mode Nine’s smash hit, “Cry’ there has been no looking back for the Enugu born singer. What stands her apart from the league of chanteuse and chanteur wannabes is the vividness and breadth of her lyrics and strength of her voice.

While others choose to dwell on the sweet and fickle, taking one sided views on issues bordering on love and life, Nnenna takes song writing a step further by exposing their underbellies too: portraying both as, at times been brutal, with outcomes totally unplanned and undesirable.

With ‘Oluchi’ the first single off her soon to be released album titled ‘Kissed’ she takes a sonic foray into the social malaise that is wife battery. Touchy issue for a first single, but moving and credible enough to win her a strong fan base plus considering her prior involvement in another sad song ‘Cry’, the unenviable tag of songstress of gloom. She however is not to be pigeon holed as she also has a sultry and sensuous side to her which will be unraveled as time goes on and she churns out more singles..."

"...Nnenna (surname Ezakune) was born, the last of five children to a lecturer father who is now late and a nurse mother. Her gift of singing, she attributes to her mother who also sang and wrote songs but never took it past the home and church. She started writing songs at age ten when she and a couple of girls formed The Glory Sisters at the University Of Nigeria secondary school. All this while, it was for fun and games and not until she was refused membership into the choir because she was perceived as a threat to the existing members that she, under the guidance of her brother decided to take music seriously.

She recorded a demo and an album titled Enrapture which was distributed independently by her family. Her brother feeling that his sister had a good chance of success came down to Lagos from their Enugu base and shopped a management deal with Gbenga Shokefun who was then, amongst other things, managing gospel group Kush.

Her management contract ultimately saw the UNN graduate of estate management seal a record deal with Question Mark entertainment headed by Kevin Lucciano-Gabriel: the stable on which her Kissed album is to be released. For Nnenna who also plays the piano and the guitar, she isn’t just making music for the money but she is also looking at changing people’s mindset through her lyrics..."

Photo and excerpts courtesy of SoundCity


Uzo said...

Interesting...Her work on Cry - very good but i had no idea she was ready to release her own album. Thanks for the heads up

KreativeMix said...

That's pretty cool. Kudos to her!!!!


Nadia Ahmed said...

Big ups to her. this is very commendable.

Anonymous said...

very interesting Nigerian Ladies are doing amazingly well on the music front. I don't know if you have heard of Asa[Asha] and Nayo they are great Nigerian female artists too,doign well at the moment. you can check Nayo's music at
kudos to Nnenna she is amazing!