Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Joelle Kayember

The South African TV Authority says "...Joelle Kayembe is a Congolese-born South African model best known for her role as a suitcase model in the game show Deal Or No Deal.

Kayember has appeared in Ludacris’s Pimpin All Over The World music video, she was a finalist in the International Supermodel 2005 competition in China and is included as a Global Honey on SKY TV in the UK.

In 1994, Kayembe and her family left the Democratic Republic of Congo for a holiday to South Africa. Political turmoil in their home country ensured that they never returned. Joelle and her siblings had to learn English as their ‘holiday’ was extended indefinitely..."

Photo courtesy of Next Models


true supermodel said...

I respect her hustle.

Anonymous said...

Go DRC! Joelle you truly are representing! you're gorgeous girl!
Keep your head up!

Anonymous said...

Joelle,you are a true definition of african beauty. I adore you, you are a good role model.God bless you... Alina(Proudly SA)

Anonymous said...

Way to go girl! I think Joelle is stunning and depicts the true beauty that
Africa has to offer the world.You are the Pearl of the DRC!

Anonymous said...

Uyababa mntwana. That simply means that you are Hottttt. You are the epitomy of beauty. A noubean Queen. You truly have put Africa on the world map. I Love You!! Masta

Anonymous said...

yeah mann, Joelle is awsum! :O)
keep it up gal! reppin all us Congolese chickz!! bizou

Ameliä said...

Beautiful insyd nd out.not jus african beauty-bt tru beauty.lots of luv nd respect.