Wednesday, April 04, 2007

bhf Magazine

As the Nigerian Fashion industry grows, the need for more African fashion magazines that will express the views of African models,designers,entrepreneurs becomes necessary. A new Nigerian fashion called BHF Magazine will be launched in Summer to tap into this growing Nigerian reader base both at home and diaspora.

According to their website "..bhf Magazine is an exciting and dynamic new African Lifestyle Magazine launching Summer 2007. With a boldness and edge, the likes of which has never been seen before, this quarterly publication is the brainchild of visionary entrepreneurial power couple Geoffrey and Jennifer Olisa.

Our mission is simple. To shatter the narrow view of NIGERIANS that exists today by looking through the lens of the lives of modern Nigerians. We will introduce to the world our fashion, art and vibrant culture..."


SET said...

Awesome I like that.

home to find it said...

I am actually part of the team working with the Olisas to get this magazine out. I believe that it is really going to make a big splash. If your on facebook, add geoffrey and the magazine as your friend. I am really impressed by the agressive facebook marketing capaign.