Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Trio Magazine

Trio Magazine according to their website " a fashion and entertainment magazine that will be published quarterly, and initially circulated online. TIRO seeks to establish and maintain a unique position amongst culturally themed publications within the United States, and the continent of Africa. Its goal is to be the magazine of choice for females interested in fashion emphasizing African & Western Cultures. The majority of fashion and entertainment magazines on the market today are primarily concerned with fashion trends in the western world, ignoring the uniqueness of the African fabric and its impact on the western world.

The idea for TIRO came from Helen Eferakorho, a female of Nigerian descent, raised in the United States. Having lived in Nigeria (one of the focal venues for African Fashion) in her youth, Helen developed a strong appreciation for the uniqueness of the African fabric. On the other-hand her tenure in the US exposed her to a variety of culturally stimulating fashion styles via fashion oriented periodicals, trade shows, and day-to-day observations. Her passion for this venture was as a result of the opportunity to observe the best of both worlds. Helens goal is to use TIRO to expose the enormous possibilities within this sector of the industry, and provide a vessel for individuals within its target audience to enhance their lives.

To accomplish this, our vision is to create the type of fashion magazine that has never been seen before. Its premise: the intentional merging of African and western styles, the concept that created TIRO. TIRO is an Urhobo (Tribal Language) word used in Nigeria to describe a woman that is full of grace. Grace is a charming and attractive trait, one that will be evident in every issue of TIRO and will be the watch word for staff, articles, exposés, reviews and advertising..."

Photos courtesy of Trio Magazine

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SouLBoutiQue said...

I love the concept of the magazine. I'm also Urhobo, so i love the name! TIRO, good luck...