Saturday, February 24, 2007


Some say she is the "New Sade" but we think she is one of the new gem's in the Nigerian music industry. One of her singles "African Girl" is one of the best R&B singles we have heard recently.

Her Myspace bio says "..NAYO (N-áá-y-Ò) jumps out from within the Yoruba name of Temitope Odunayo Abidoye, born in Lagos, Nigeria and singing from day one. Her Nigerian culture traveled with her around the world as a girl, while she incorporated its rhythms into the new beats and sounds she found in England, the United States, and the rest of West Africa. At that young age of 10, Nayo began writing songs and found her influences in artists such as Madonna, Seal, Annie Lennox and Carole King..."

"...Nayo returned to Los Angeles with renewed purpose and independently released a limited single 'Party Fever' which found its way on the Billboard Club Play charts and various charts in Europe by late 2005. Then she began collaborating with producers and songwriters from New York, Los Angeles and the UK, where her true love for music first began. With her debut album to be released next year 2007, Nayo is her name and her voice speaks for generations of people and millions whose voices have not been heard for years..."

This is Nayo's alternative music website.

Photo courtesy of Nayo's Myspace page


Anonymous said...

Alot of people have been talking about NAYO. I think its cool people are catching on. I definitely think she has alot more to offer.



There's a huge buzz around this girl; I think she's going to be around for a while!!!

Anonymous said...

This is so cool, the best R'n'B track I've heard for ages.

Anonymous said...

I really love African Girl, I think Nayo has so much more than you're average R'n'B singer she's also got a singer / songwriter aspect to her that puts her way above the rest of her peers.