Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Sylvia Owori

Cape Fashion Week says "...After studying at Newham in London Sylvia Owori returned to Uganda, started her own modelling agency under the name 'Ziper Models' (now called ZIPA), to date providing the bulk of models for the Ugandan market and opened a shop selling imported clothes from the UK and the US.

Following the success of the shop and the modelling agency she took on the challenge of revitalising the then defunct organisation of the 'Miss Uganda Beauty Pageant' which within the last four years turned into the largest event on the Ugandan social calendar. In 2000 she designed the outfits for the participants of the MNet Face of Africa regionals in Dar es Salaam and Cape Town to great acclaim from the public and the fashion commentators.

She now owns her own label 'Sylvia Owori' which is exclusively sold in her flagship shop in Kampala and in an outlet in Nairobi. These clothes, mostly of easy wear fabrics, are an affordable mix of classic office and formal clothes designed for sophisticated career-oriented women who follow fashion.

She successfully participated in the Kenyan Fashion Week last year having her designs published on the front page of Kenyan and Ugandan daily newspapers. The work she has done so far has attracted the interest of the makers of the Hollywood movie 'The Last King of Scotland" who have asked her to design and manufacture the costumes for the main characters and part of the cast of this prestigious movie, filming of which will start mid-June in Uganda.

Apart from her work as a designer and organiser of 'Miss Uganda', Sylvia also owns a trendy bar called Little Maama and will shortly start editing a new Ugandan women's magazine called 'African Woman' focussing on the interests of the modern African woman of today.

The next step in her career will be her participation in the 'Nokia Cape Town Fashion Week' in August this year..."

Photos Courtesy of Miss Uganda and Sylvia Owori

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