Monday, October 17, 2005

Amsale Aberra

Bride Power says "...Amsale Aberra left her home of Ethiopia in 1973 to further her studies abroad. She began her college career in Vermont and eventually moved to Boston. It was after graduating from Boston State College that Amsale decided to pursue her love of fashion in the place that fashion thrives; New York City.

She attended the school at the New York Fashion Institute of Technology and finished in 1982. Armed with her degree in Fashion, Amsale Aberra served as a design assistant for some well known and established designers. As she learned more and more about the fashion industry she became intrigued with the bridal industry. Not able to find a satisfactory dress for her own wedding, she simply designed her own. From there, Amsale introduced a classic and sophisticated bridal gown design that caught the attention of many in the bridal industry.

Amsale’s use of luxurious fabrics along with accents such as satin ribbons, soft bows and light beadwork make her a sought after designer for brides all over the world. Her silhouettes curve and accent any body shape. Amsale Aberra has been a pioneer in the bridal industry and will continue to dress brides and influence the bridal community with her modern and elegant appeal.

Photos Courtesy of Amsale

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