Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Millen Happiness Magese

According to her website "....Millen Happiness Magese is a world-renown fashion model and humble humanitarian.  When she’s not rocking the runways in Europe, the United States, Asia and Africa, the former Miss Tanzania can often be found lending her time, talents, and high energy to making a difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate through her significant contributions to charities such as the Tanzania Education Trust, African Rainforest Conservancy, and the MacDella Cooper Foundation.

As a model, Ms. Magese is currently signed with Ford Models in NY, NY and Ice Model Management in Johannesburg, South Africa. Pick up any fashion magazine over the last several years and you are likely to see her as she has collaborated with many of the world’s top designers and brands including Ralph Lauren, Karen Millen, Alphadi, African Mosiaque, David Tlale, Gavin Rajah, Sun Goddess, Stoned Cherrie, Thula Sindi , Malcolm Kluk , Suzan hen, Heni, Clive, Laquan Smith, Tarun Talhian, Priscilla, Deola Segoe, Tiffany Amber, Korto Momulu just to name few. She has appeared on the covers of Cosmopolitan, Ladybrielle, JCK (Ny), Uzuri, Bang, and Sawubona magazines and has been the subject of editorial features in Essence, True Love, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Opra, Marie Clare, Style, Glamour, and Wanted.
In addition to her work in print, Ms. Magese has appeared on CNN and acted in Television commercials for big brands such as Coke Light, JC Le Roux, Allan Grey, Guinness Milk Stout, Edgars, and Vodacom. Her appearance on “Deal or No Deal” sealed her popularity around Africa.
Ms. Magese’s work has brought her all over the world including: Milan, Hong Kong, Germany, Norway, China, New York, Paris, Spain, India, and most of the African continent. But for all of her professional talent and resulting accomplishments, helping others has always been what Millen Happiness Magese loves to do the most. This is strikingly evident throughout her career as she has involved herself deeply with various charities all over the world.
“Giving back is one of my favorite things to do because it comes straight from my heart and I feel fulfilled when am able to help others who are less fortunate than myself. Although I normally don’t talk about it, I think it’s more important to show it in action and not in words,” states the soft-spoken Ms. Magese.
Whether in the front of the camera, behind the camera or next to the camera, Ms. Magese proves that true beauty comes from the inside and has much more to do with serving others than being in the limelight. While all the attention is flattering, Ms. Magese believes the runway should be used as a platform to do good in the world.
To this end, Ms. Magese has begun to work in earnest towards establishing her own charity modeled after that of her many mentors. Millen Magese’s mission is to provide assistance to charitable organizations whose work is specifically focused in Tanzania especially causes that benefit women, children, and primary education. Her long-term plan is to build schools for children in rural areas as she believes a good education is a key to life.
In the short term, Ms. Magese will express her love for Tanzanian and African fashion by holding an event at the Tanzania International Fashion Expose to market Tanzania’s tourist attractions, designers and models both inside and outside Africa. Proceeds from the event will be fully dedicated to the   charities she works with. It is also her intention to put on the same events in New York and South Africa, all to support her mission in Tanzania..."

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