Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ubong Attah

Businessweek says "..Ubong Attah describes herself as a serial entrepreneur. She ran a tutoring business in high school, taught herself Web design in college, then started a Web design firm her senior year called Studio10Fourteen, which she says is profitable and continues to operate. Ubong recently sold another business, an online jewelry shop, for around $55,000.

Because she was recently diagnosed with systemic lupus, she has turned her attention to starting a home-based business. Her new company, Prolete Medical Billing, makes use of her health-information management degree from Saint Louis University in St. Louis and her experience doing administrative work for her mother's two home health agencies. Ubong expects Prolete to have revenues of around $4 million in 2008..."

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Anonymous said...

wow...this woman is incredible! now if only other women business owners can be just as successful!