Monday, December 18, 2006

Adia Coulibaly

Yahoo Model of the Month writes about Adia Coulibaly has a look you won’t soon forget. Appearing in GUESS’ memorable Spring ’98 ad campaign shot by Dah Len in sunny Florida, Adia is getting noticed. She is seen in these colorful ads along side of a group of other young models, including Laetitia Casta.

Not only was Adia chosen by Iman as one of the beauties to represent her line of cosmetics, but she has graced the pages of American Vogue, The Face and Allure Magazines. At just 19 years old, Adia seems to have it all: a gorgeous face, a great attitude, a loving family and a driving ambition.

Adia was born and raised in Paris and still lives with her parents in the northern suburbs of Paris. She attended the Jean-Jaures School and admits she likes living there amid its colorful boutiques and many cafes and restaurants. With strong Muslim family values, she doesn’t give in to the peer pressure to drink or smoke. With her parent’s support and guidance, she always thought that she would one day become a lawyer, an accountant or even a doctor.

Adia’s career in modeling began purely by chance. While still attending school, she was discovered while working part-time at a McDonald’s in Paris when a photographer spotted her. He did some test shoots with her without saying a word to her family. Her father got suspicious when her school contacted him because Adia was missing so many classes. Reluctantly, her parents gave in and let her pursue modeling.

She soon moved to New York and that’s when she began her journey to model-stardom. Adia remains grounded to her roots by going on family vacations with her parents, two sisters and one brother to Africa.

Photo courtesy of Yahoo Model of the Month

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true supermodel said...

Adia was very popular in the late 90's. I often wondered where is she now. I thouhgt maybe she deceided to get married. They should have a show for models that like "where are they now".