Thursday, July 06, 2006


Dozie's website writes "....Born in England to a Nigerian father and British mother, Dozie spent his early years in both the UK and Nigeria, moving to the U.S. with his family when he was a teenager. The plethora of sounds in his family household ranged from Nigerian pop giants like Fela Kuti and Sir Warrior, to South African jazz gurus like Dollar Brand and Hugh Masekela, to classical composers like Handel and Bach. This early exposure permeated his soul with a love of music that would only manifest itself several years later.

As he got older, his musical tastes grew even more diverse, ranging from RnB mainstays like the Isley Brothers, to piano maven Tori Amos, to beat-maker extraordinaire Timbaland. His musical interests also grew, and after years singing in choirs, from his church choir in Nigeria to gospel choirs in the U.S., he taught himself to play the piano and later added the guitar to his repertoire. The songwriting came naturally, with his multinational background and diverse cultural influences luminescent in his music..."

Photo courtesy of Dozie's website

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Anonymous said...

Nwanne i kajara-akaja, God on our side you'll get there. just keep your head up and you'll blow up like an atomic bomb. We all are rigth behind you, praying that God almigthy will soon give you a megga break through. RIDE ON BROTHER!Ekezie.