Monday, June 12, 2006

Eva Sagna

Jurgita Fashion Magazine" says....Originally from Senegal ,Eva was born 24 years ago in Paris .She first started her artistic carreer as a dancer with the troup BALAI NIABA directed by her aunt Adele Badgi with who she represented herself in small theaters such as the DIVAN DU MONDE in Paris .

In 1995 she met Almen Gibirila and began her first catwalks shows.Then she 'll work for famous designers in Haute Couture such as Thierry Mugler,Jean Louis Scherrer,Jean Doucet ...Her talent brought her to London and New York where she worked for top photographers such as Ernest Collins,John Lewis or Alain Snaoui .

Eva is passionate by fashion but also by cinema .In 1999 she started a new carreer of actress thanks to the producer Pascal Lombardo who offered her the first role in a short film :Josphine

She also writes fo the luxury magazine CULT OF CHIC and MOVE ON magazine..."

Photos by Ernest Collins courtesy of Jurgita Fashion Magazine"

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