Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Stoned Cherrie

Cape Town Fashion Week says "...Nkhensani Manganyi Nkosi is one of the new voices of Africa. She has travelled throughout the world as a designer, a television personality and lauded actress in a series of theatre plays including “Sophia town, The Colored Museum and Marabi” receiving critical acclaim from international audiences. She boasts a mantelpiece of awards including the International Crystal Award for Entertainer of the Year 1998. In 2003, she demonstrated personal and professional staying power as second time judge for popular reality television show, Coca-Cola Pop-stars, and as second time winner of the Style Award (Best Designer Category 2003). She currently co-produces and co-hosts, with her husband Zam Nkosi, the SABC 1 talk show Mojo.

While traveling throughout Africa as the host and official spokesperson for M- net’s Face of Africa, 2000, she became more aware of African sophistication in aesthetics and wanted to create a brand that would represent African urban energy. In that same year Stoned Cherrie launched to rave reviews, during South African Fashion Week (SAFW).Stoned Cherrie's fashioned "home grown" identity moves away from stereotypical branding that has plagued South African fashion and for that it has been recognized by the South African fashion industry by being awarded the coveted Catherine/ Fairlady Fashion Award for 2003. This year, 2005, Stoned Cherrie was the recipient of a Catherine/Fairlady Lifetime Achievement Award.

Says Nkhensani of the Stoned Cherrie philosophy:

“I like the idea of boldly moving forward and daring to be different and daring to be proud to be African. There is a wealth of talent in this country and I am proud to host some of the finest young designers in the land. I am proud that we are able to translate what are old ideas into something new and provide the nostalgia that is part of our celebration. I am proud that we have been recognized by the industry as being at the forefront of redefining African street couture in a way that is exciting and revolutionary..."

Photos courtesy of Rage and Cape Town Fashion Week


Anonymous said...

Nkhensani,delivers a authentic mix of south africa and urban fashion so well i just want to die looking at her clothes , they express the new south africa and include the old south africa at the same time and boast amazing vibrant clours!!!!she definetly knows what she is doing and has got millions hooked on her clothes including me!! :)

Anonymous said...

Nkensy,If i want attention on the streets definately your dresses they do the trick!