Sunday, February 19, 2006


The Gambay website says"... The Gambay project is an ambitious idea developed by three young french men who came from foreign immigration Chad, Benin, French Carribean.

Based on a multiracial blend of cultures the concept has a goal to create a line of clothing, create as much for the South Sahara region for identity or for the modern Afro-black for the pure African Style…”

This brand of clothes is a stylistic interbreeding between the occidental fashion and the fabrics, embroideries and African techniques. Gambay is a line of clothes made in Dakar, Senegal...”

Photos courtesy of Gambaycorp


Anonymous said...


j ai deja entendu parler de cette ligne de vetement et j ai vraiment ete seduit par le concept d équité et de mise en valeur de l art africain.
enfin une initiative qui est en mesure de sortir l afrique de ses tourments.

bravo merci de nous indiquer s il est possible de contribuer en achetant des produits d autant plus qu ils sont vraiment stylé.

Anonymous said...

i have seen the website and it's very nice, really, i love this mix in the materials, so good luck and perharps all of us one day we'll be dressed by this brand????????

gerren said...

Saw my name on the site.....wanted to check it out....very nice.....say hello @:

gerren taylor