Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Ase Hui Min Wang

This Chinese/Swedish Model has featured in neumerous MTV, TV and magazine adverts for top brands in South East Asia.

Ase Wangs's website says"...Self-decleared "ex-hippie chick" Ase Wang has got it all-looks, body and a soaring career. All that's missing is a man who is able to create a storm in the kitchen.

The archetypal Pan-Asian stunner, with genes inherited from a Chinese father and a Swedish mother, is also noted for her equally exotic name, courtesy of her mum. Who hails from the land of Volvo and Abba."It is pronounced "oww-sah", with the two dots above the 'A', that's how to pronounce it in Swedish." she purrs, acknowledging that it's moniker that is baffling to most people here. In 2002, she ventured out on a limb into the Hong Kong scene to take stab at stardom and has since landed spots in several television commercials and print ads. The sacrifices that she made have paid off for this model-actress as shehas been kept busy with a number of projects that include the movie and getting the chance to be part of a Canto pop icon Sam Hui's dance team.

Photo Courtesy of asewang.com

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