Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Frida Giannini

Frida Giannini is the 33 year old Creative Director of Women's Wear, Gucci. Nadia Mustafa of Time Magazine says ".... The new brain behind the Gucci woman is nothing like Tom Ford. "[Tom's] obsessed with [selling] sex, and I'm not," says Italian Frida Giannini, who calls herself tamer than her brazen former boss. Giannini, who replaced Alessandra Facchinetti as creative director of women's wear at the $2 billion luxury house last spring, is known for her talent as an accessories designer. Now she will have to prove herself in apparel.

Her plan is to bring a timeless quality to Gucci. She cites as an example the success of the Flora line of accessories introduced last year, inspired by the print of an old Gucci scarf made for Grace Kelly. "I want to continue to develop it, not sell it or mark it down," she says.

Giannini landed a job at Fendi in 1997, designing ready-to-wear before switching to leather goods. In 2002 she jumped to Gucci, where she oversaw handbags. In 2004 she was appointed creative director of accessories, which make up more than 80% of the company's sales. "I can't imagine the next fashion show without any jewelry or bags," she says.

Giannini, an avid equestrian, lives with her husband, a Web designer, in Florence. When she isn't finding a muse in objects as mundane as a doorknob—the shape of which she used for the heel of a Gucci shoe—she draws inspiration from the house's archives—for example, prints from scarves of the 1960s and '70s, which she has applied to dresses and shirts in the cruise collection.

Giannini's personality is already finding its way into the label's image. "The Gucci woman enjoys life, is successful in her job and leaves a lasting impression every time she walks into a room," she says, just as easily describing herself...."

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